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Sarcochilus and Related Genera



Sarc ColonialFlare.jpg

Sarc ColonialFlare-RedFlare.jpg

Sarc DebraAbell_No3.jpg

Sarc Fitzhart-G5.jpg

Sarc Fitzhart-peloric.jpg

Sarc Fitzhart-Rippa.jpg

Sarc Hartmannii x Peach Spots.jpg

Sarc Colonial Flare

Sarc Colonial Flare-Red Flare

Sarc Debra Abell_No3

Sarc Fitzhart-G5

Sarc Fitzhart-peloric

Sarc Fitzhart-Rippa

Sarc Hartmannii x Peach Spots

Sarc Sweetheart-RedMoon.jpg

Sarc Melba.jpg






Sarc Sweetheart-Red Moon

Sarc Melba










We expect to be including more photos of numerous other new clones during the 2010 flowering season.

We have a considerable number of seed pods currently setting on most of the above (as well as others) but should we have another very hot summer period we may lose a high percentage once again.