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Blc Lyn Evans 'Glenwood'

The difference a year can make!

The flower on the left ("A") opened on 1/10/2009. The other ("B") is the same plant from our 2008 flowering of it. 

The plant was purchased at a clearance auction in 2006 growing in pinebark.

The plant was split and all pieces planted into coconut husk chips. The only nutrition it received was WestGro's "Johnson's Nutrisol" plus the occasional application of Calcium Hydroxide.

The plant has been growing "cold" (min of 3 deg C-no heating. since purchased). The flower substance of ("A") was thick whereas ("B") was weak.

The colour differences are self evident!

AND.....this is not the only example found within just 3 weeks.

If further samples appear we will post details.