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Using our Order form to e-mail or posting your order .


Downloading our order form:

Our order form can be downloaded by clicking on this link OrderForm.doc

A popup box will open that will offer the options of opening or saving the form.

To re-use Select Save in a permanent place.

There is an Email address in blue on the form. Copy it and paste it into you email programs "Send To" bar..

The form is a single page document, in WORD.DOC format. For large orders, print two or more copies (or better still) save a copy and use that.

All information required on the form can be added using Word.

For security purposes complete the printed form and convert it to PDF format . You may wish to keep a copy for your records.

If a Doc to PDF conversion program is lacking; a free one is available off the Internet. We have tested: "FreewarePrimoPDF" which worked fine.


Alternately, orders can be sent using MS EXCEL, however, sometimes delivery has been blocked. When notified this has occurred change the ".xls" to ".slx" and inform us of the change in the accompanying message.


IMPORTANT requirements:  

1. For security reasons DO NOT supply credit card details on order forms, instead we will provide details of a more secure method.

2. If there is insufficient space for an entire order, submit two or more order forms.

3. When using the form below always include the stock code plus an abbreviated version of the stock name, the stock size and quantity of each item required. Don't forget a Phone number and/or email address.




Stock Code :  SCX-1234 (all stock except some plant divisions will have a Stock ID code).

Stock/Cross Name :   Instead of using a complete cross name such as Valley Zenith "Green Orb" x Operetta "Chorale" an abbreviation such as "V.Z. x Op"  is sufficient for us to confirm stock code details are correct.

Occasionally clients have entered the wrong Stock Id and this method alerts us to errors.

4. Plant size:   This will be either Flask capacity or the plant size as in our catalogues.

5.. We may need to discuss your order with you, so phone or e-mail details are important.

6. We will confirm your order and give details of payment.

7. For export orders we also need "Point of Entry" details - that is the City at which a shipment lands and will be checked by customs. We will also need your import permit mailed to us. Inspection fees apply to all export orders and restrictions can also apply.